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10 top skills educators need

9/5/23 4:30 PM

Discover the essential skills of a modern educator in an ever-changing world. Learn about the key qualities needed to foster inclusion, confidence, and growth.

MA in Education

Why study a Master’s in Education?

6/23/22 10:28 AM

Education is at the heart of the ever-changing world. Whether you are a highschool teacher, nursery assistant or even a basketball coach, you have the role of an educator, and have the ability to influence and develop learners, therefore making the society better informed. 

MA in Education

Digital learning: the future of education

2/15/22 9:00 AM

Find out how digital learning is bringing learners around the world closer together. 

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How can I apply my MA in Education to my work?

4/15/21 9:13 AM

As its name suggests, a Masters in Education isn’t limited to those in academic teaching roles, but any professional who has a role to play in the delivery of education.

MA in Education