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Machine Learning: Why is it important?

3/17/23 4:09 PM

Find out how Machine Learning can be used to solve real-world problems in our essential guide.

MSc in Artificial Intelligence

The rise of AI: An interview with the MSc AI Programme Director

2/1/23 11:08 AM

Why has AI become so prevalent and what are the advantages of studying an MSc in AI? Find out in our interview with Programme Director Rameez Kureshi.

MSc in Artificial Intelligence

Why do we need artificial intelligence specialists?

9/26/22 9:00 AM

Find out why job opportunities for AI specialists continue to grow. 

MSc in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence: How is it different from human intelligence?

9/12/22 9:00 AM

Find out what AI is, how it differs from human intelligence and how it impacts our daily lives.

MSc in Artificial Intelligence

Why study a Master's in Artificial Intelligence?

7/27/22 9:15 AM

Find out how a Master's in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you take advantage of the growing demand for specialists in this field. 

MSc in Artificial Intelligence