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The power of a master's degree for entrepreneurs

4/8/24 4:50 PM

Unlock the power of a master's degree for entrepreneurs. Discover how a master's programme provides in-depth insights into business strategies, innovation, essential leadership skills, valuable connections, and bridges the gap between academic learning and practical application.

MSc in Digital Transformation, Global MBA

Navigating uncertainty: How entrepreneurs can thrive today

3/22/24 4:35 PM

Navigate uncertainty and thrive as an entrepreneur in today's dynamic business world. Learn key strategies, from embracing change as an opportunity to fostering innovation and reframing failure.

Global MBA

Is a master's degree worth it? Work-life balance

3/8/24 5:05 PM

Discover the essential strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance while pursuing a master's degree in the second part of our series. 

Online learning

Is a master's degree worth it? Financial considerations

2/19/24 3:07 PM

As a high earner, the decision to pursue a master’s degree is a significant one. In this 2-part series, we address your concerns. Part 1 covers financing options, including flexible payments, bursaries, and government loans.

Online learning, Global MBA

How a master’s degree can propel high earners forward

2/5/24 2:29 PM

Explore the impact of a master’s degree on your career. From staying ahead in your industry to global networking, discover the transformative benefits.

Online learning, Global MBA

How to find a leadership mentor

1/24/24 4:34 PM

Are you a forward-thinking business professional seeking to enhance your leadership skills? Discover the power of having a leadership mentor who can help you navigate the journey.

Global MBA

Why study an MBA now?

1/4/24 3:46 PM

Learn why now is the perfect time to boost your skills, career, and earnings.

Global MBA

How to prepare for your MBA studies

12/19/23 12:53 PM

Deciding to invest in your future and commit two years of your spare time to study the Global MBA part-time is a big step, even though it will benefit the rest of your professional career. 

Global MBA