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5 differences between undergraduate and postgraduate study

Essentially, undergraduate study (bachelors) is the first type of study undertaken at university level, introducing students to the knowledge and skills required within a specific discipline.

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What’s stopping you from doing an online course?

Are you considering doing an online course, but still not quite sure if it’s the right choice for you?

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5 social media accounts to follow if you’re interested in dementia care

There are many resources available – both at a local and global level – to learn more about current thinking in the dementia field. These resources provide support and help raise awareness around the condition and its impact on people living with dementia, their families and carers.

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Top 5 tips for choosing a distance learning course

You’ve made the choice to study flexibly online through distance learning. That means you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to expand your knowledge and career opportunities without having to give up your work or personal commitments.

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What's your learning style?

Identifying and understanding your own personal learning style is a great way to help you get the most out of your studies.

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3 steps to getting a promotion

Getting a promotion is not only great as a boost to your income, but also for your sense of job satisfaction. Being able to take on more responsibility, variety and new challenges within your organisation will help you gain a greater sense of job satisfaction. It will also serve as a next step in your personal and career development.

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Top 5 tips for balancing work and study

Balancing work and study can seem impossible at times. But it’s definitely achievable – all you need is the right mix of self-discipline, motivation and time-management skills.

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4 benefits of online learning

Gone are the days you need to attend a campus or stick to a strict class schedule to get your qualification. Online learning has opened up the opportunity of being able to study when and where it suits you – without putting your work, or your life, on-hold.

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