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5 skills you’ll gain from a creative writing degree

December 338, 2019

If you’re passionate about writing, a creative writing degree can help you to harness the power of language and find your own voice as a writer so that you can produce publishable work.

creative writing

5 skills you’ll gain from a logistics and supply chain management degree

November 331, 2019

A degree in logistics and supply chain management can open the door to a rewarding and challenging career in an ever-evolving and fast-paced industry.

logistics, supply chain management

Top 5 publications for engineering management students

November 324, 2019

If you’re studying engineering management, it’s vital to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

engineering management

5 dementia conferences you should attend in 2019/20

October 296, 2019

Conferences bring together all types of people affected by dementia – those living with the condition, carers, academics, and those working with people with dementia. They’re an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and perspectives and gain deeper insights into the complex field of dementia.

dementia, MSc in Dementia

Top Facebook pages and groups for logistics and supply chain managers

October 291, 2019

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news, technologies and trends in the logistics and supply chain industry, there are plenty of Facebook groups and company pages you can follow to make sure you’re not missing out.

logistics, supply chain management

5 creative writing conferences you should attend

October 282, 2019

Conferences are an invaluable opportunity for creative writers to connect with other writers as well as literary agents, editors and publishers.

creative writing

The University of Hull rises 26 places in the Good University Guide 2020

September 268, 2019

The University of Hull has climbed 26 places in The Sunday Time's Good University Guide 2020.

The University of Hull Online, Good University Guide 2020

Top 5 skills you’ll gain from an MSc in Engineering Management

September 261, 2019

Are you considering pursuing a career in engineering management? While having the technical skills you need to succeed is important, you’ll also need to master some crucial non-technical skills.

engineering management, engineering management skills