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MBA careers: Your complete guide

6/2/23 9:00 AM

Find out how an MBA can help you upskill and prepare for future challenges. 

Global MBA

Graduate story: How an MSc in Logistics can help your career

5/17/23 10:29 AM

Read our graduate interview to find out how an MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management can impact your career. 

MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Why study People Analytics over Organisational Psychology? 

5/4/23 10:53 AM

MSc in People Analytics

What does a People Analytics Manager do?

5/4/23 10:48 AM

Learn how to become a successful People Analytics Manager in this blog post. Discover the role and responsibilities of a People Analytics Manager, the required skills, industries where you can work, salary expectations, and how an MSc in People Analytics can help you get into the role.

MSc in People Analytics

Why study an online MBA? A Q&A with Dr Sarah Shaw

5/2/23 10:49 AM
Find out how an online. part-time MBA can help you achieve your career goals in our interview with the Director of MBA programmes. 

Global MBA

How to foster creativity and innovation as an Engineering Manager

4/20/23 2:17 PM

Discover six practical tips for engineering managers on how to encourage experimentation, collaboration, and continuous learning while celebrating both success and failure. 

MSc in Engineering Management

The importance of project management skills for Engineering Managers

4/20/23 2:16 PM

Discover why project management skills are essential for engineering managers. 

MSc in Engineering Management

AMBA and AACSB accreditation: Why it's important

4/18/23 9:02 AM

Find out more about what choosing to study with a business school accredited by AMBA and AACSB means for you. 

MSc in People Analytics, MSc in Digital Transformation, Global MBA