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The benefits of studying an MBA online while you work

8/18/22 9:03 AM

Find out how studying for an MBA online could help you push your career forward without needing to take a career break.

Global MBA

Why study a Master's in Artificial Intelligence?

7/27/22 9:15 AM

Find out how a Master's in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you take advantage of the growing demand for specialists in this field. 

MSc in Artificial Intelligence

Students gather to hear the experiences of those living with dementia

7/11/22 11:30 AM

Find out about the latest face-to-face networking event for MSc Dementia students, taking place in Hull, UK. 

MSc in Dementia

Why study a Master’s in Education?

6/23/22 10:28 AM

Education is at the heart of the ever-changing world. Whether you are a highschool teacher, nursery assistant or even a basketball coach, you have the role of an educator, and have the ability to influence and develop learners, therefore making the society better informed. 

MA in Education

How to lead a digital transformation

6/8/22 9:16 AM

We are living through unprecedented times of a digitally driven era. Technology is advancing and developing by the second, which is calling for the world to keep up.


MSc in Digital Transformation

What is the true role of effective leadership in healthcare?

5/12/22 11:34 AM

Following the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, it quickly became clear to the world just how important the right healthcare and medical infrastructure is.

MSc in Healthcare Leadership

MA Creative Writing's Dr Chris Westoby wins Rising Star award

4/28/22 12:49 PM

Find out more about Dr Chris Westoby's award for his work as Programme Director for the MA Creative Writing. 

MA in Creative Writing

What's the role of service management in successful digital transformation?

4/13/22 10:43 AM

It’s important that digital transformation processes are supported by good service management (ITSM) to ensure a successful adoption of technology.

MSc in Digital Transformation