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LinkedIn groups for leaders and innovators

12/4/23 12:23 PM

If you’re thinking about or already studying the Hull Online Global MBA, there’s a good chance you’re interested in becoming a future business leader. 

Global MBA

Where and how to develop your leadership skills

11/22/23 3:42 PM

Whatever business or sector you work in, being able to demonstrate experience and knowledge of leadership is essential to career advancement. 

Global MBA

5 famous female leaders who did an MBA

11/8/23 3:40 PM

Discover some of the world's most successful female leaders, who all happen to be MBA graduates. 

Global MBA

Net Zero: What do leaders need to know?

10/24/23 4:30 PM

In today’s Net Zero and digitally-transformed world, leaders face increasingly complex challenges. 

Global MBA

Top trends transforming the future of publishing

10/4/23 10:44 AM

Valued at $89.25 billion in 2022, the global publishing market is booming – predicted to grow six per cent year on year for the next five years. 

MA in Creative Writing

Making nature accessible for people with dementia

9/21/23 8:45 AM

Explore how nature and outdoor activities can transform the lives of those with dementia and their families.

MSc in Dementia

How to write a winning postgraduate personal statement

9/18/23 10:36 AM

The sooner you start to prepare your personal statement, the more time you have to get it right.

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10 top skills educators need

9/5/23 4:30 PM

Discover the essential skills of a modern educator in an ever-changing world. Learn about the key qualities needed to foster inclusion, confidence, and growth.

MA in Education