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How can engineering managers deal with post-pandemic challenges?

9/8/21 11:24 AM

Engineering companies are facing a new world - discover the key challenges that skilled engineering managers can help them overcome.

MSc in Engineering Management

New film gives students an insight into how people with dementia can live well

8/5/21 9:00 AM

MSc in Dementia Online Tutor Ellie Robinson-Carter is the creator of The Photobook Project, where people from a wide range of communities living with dementia document what matters to them with a single-use camera.

MSc in Dementia

MSc Dementia student Lucy on the importance of language

7/27/21 10:30 AM

How can language be used to change attitudes to dementia? Student Lucy Carroll discussed the issue as part of an assessment for the online MSc in Dementia. 

MSc in Dementia

Leadership and management: Are they different (and does it matter)?

7/5/21 9:00 AM

Dr David Barrett, Programme Director for the University of Hull's part-time, online MSc in Healthcare Leadership, explores the ongoing debates about the differences between leadership and management.

MSc in Healthcare Leadership

Student Martha reviews 'What Dementia Teaches Us About Love'

6/30/21 9:00 AM

This book review is by Martha Hodge, a current student on our part-time, online MSc in Dementia.

MSc in Dementia

Publishing professionals share their expertise with Creative Writing students

6/22/21 2:02 PM

MA Creative Writing students will gather together virtually from 20 - 24 July for our 'Introducing: the Masters' event. 

MA in Creative Writing

Get your work recognised: free to enter creative writing competitions

5/24/21 9:00 AM

For an up-and-coming writer, being selected for a writing award can be a monumental step in their career. 

MA in Creative Writing

How can I apply my MA in Education to my work?

4/15/21 9:13 AM

As its name suggests, a Masters in Education isn’t limited to those in academic teaching roles, but any professional who has a role to play in the delivery of education.

MA in Education