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MSc Dementia student Lina reviews 'Slow Puncture'

12/1/21 9:00 AM

For one of her MSc in Dementia assignments, student Lina reviewed 'Slow Puncture', a book about living with young-onset dementia. Read her review here. 

MSc in Dementia

The Climate Crisis: No More Easy Answers for Business

11/5/21 9:00 AM

How will modern, globalised companies respond to the climate crisis in a meaningful way? Logistics and supply chain expert Dr Richard Farr examines how climate change could drive business policy in the future. 

MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Student assignment: The use of language in dementia

11/2/21 10:38 AM

What's the impact of our language choices on people living with dementia? Diane, a student on our MSc in Dementia, discusses this issue.

MSc in Dementia

Global supply chains: The knife-edge is the new normal

10/8/21 9:00 AM

Why do supply chain issues seem to happen more frequently these days? Dr Richard Farr explains why supplies are on a knife-edge and the important role supply chain professionals have to play in keeping goods on the shelves.  

MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MA Creative Writing students seek inspiration in the countryside

10/7/21 10:55 AM

Our next face-to-face event will see students gather at a creative writing retreat.

MA in Creative Writing

How can engineering managers deal with post-pandemic challenges?

9/8/21 11:24 AM

Engineering companies are facing a new world - discover the key challenges that skilled engineering managers can help them overcome.

MSc in Engineering Management

New film gives students an insight into how people with dementia can live well

8/5/21 9:00 AM

MSc in Dementia Online Tutor Ellie Robinson-Carter is the creator of The Photobook Project, where people from a wide range of communities living with dementia document what matters to them with a single-use camera.

MSc in Dementia

MSc Dementia student Lucy on the importance of language

7/27/21 10:30 AM

How can language be used to change attitudes to dementia? Student Lucy Carroll discussed the issue as part of an assessment for the online MSc in Dementia. 

MSc in Dementia