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Studying Dementia online: What's it like?

3/1/22 9:00 AM

Angela Christie is Director of Residential Services for Healthcare at the largest Continuing Care Retirement Community in Connecticut, USA. 

MSc in Dementia

The self continues despite fears of its loss: A review of 'What Dementia Teaches Us About Love'

1/27/22 9:00 AM

This book review is by Dawn Corse, who's a current student on the University of Hull's Online MSc in Dementia.

MSc in Dementia

MSc Dementia student Lina reviews 'Slow Puncture'

12/1/21 9:00 AM

For one of her MSc in Dementia assignments, student Lina reviewed 'Slow Puncture', a book about living with young-onset dementia. Read her review here. 

MSc in Dementia

Student assignment: The use of language in dementia

11/2/21 10:38 AM

What's the impact of our language choices on people living with dementia? Diane, a student on our MSc in Dementia, discusses this issue.

MSc in Dementia

New film gives students an insight into how people with dementia can live well

8/5/21 9:00 AM

MSc in Dementia Online Tutor Ellie Robinson-Carter is the creator of The Photobook Project, where people from a wide range of communities living with dementia document what matters to them with a single-use camera.

MSc in Dementia

MSc Dementia student Lucy on the importance of language

7/27/21 10:30 AM

How can language be used to change attitudes to dementia? Student Lucy Carroll discussed the issue as part of an assessment for the online MSc in Dementia. 

MSc in Dementia

Student Martha reviews 'What Dementia Teaches Us About Love'

6/30/21 9:00 AM

This book review is by Martha Hodge, a current student on our part-time, online MSc in Dementia.

MSc in Dementia

Specialist Nurse Practitioner Janine on formalising her expertise with an MSc in Dementia

11/5/20 8:48 AM

Janine Lane is a current MSc in Dementia student and a Specialist Nurse Practitioner for Dementia, one of several roles she carries out,

MSc in Dementia