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Get more than a degree

We know that investing in your education is about so much more than just reading new material. As you focus on your personal and professional development, we’re here to ensure your time with us is as rewarding as possible.

As a part of the University of Hull Online, you’ll get to experience tailored support throughout your journey, from comprehensive industry insights to multiple networking opportunities.

Here are five reasons you’ll love studying with us:


1. Holistic student support

Support iconOur staff are available to advise you from the second you consider a degree.

Our enquiry adviser team can help confirm that your qualifications and work experience are a match for the course you're interested in. Our course adviser team can then guide you through the application process and answer any questions you have about studying online with us. 

Once you enrol, our student adviser team can help with any non-academic assistance you need. Ask them about anything from time management tips to making the most of our virtual learning environment (VLE).

As a busy student, it's also important to take care of your mental health. If you ever need a listening ear in a safe environment, our team of trained professionals will be glad to support you. Visit our Wellbeing and Mental Health page to learn more.

What's it really like to study with Hull Online?

Current student Robert Latto (MSc Healthcare Leadership) provides insight on what it’s like studying online with us, including how to fit studying around your life.

What's it really like to study with Hull Online?

Current student Robert Latto (MSc Healthcare Leadership) provides insight on what it’s like studying online with us, including how to fit studying around your life.

Megha Samuel

"The student advisers are friendly and reply to emails speedily if we have queries." 

Megha Samuel, NHS Consultant, MSc Dementia

2. Expert career guidance

Careers 150bFor many people, progressing in their professional life is a key reason for investing in a degree – so we’re ready to help you plan for your next big career step.

Our Careers and Employability team is available throughout your studies and post-graduation to help you enhance your employability, identify opportunities, and make well-informed decisions about your future.

Plus, following graduation, you’ll join our expansive alumni association. Build your professional network, keep in touch with your classmates, and establish yourself within your field. Take a look at our Hull Alumni Connects website for more details.


Janine Lane

"The impact on my career is that I'll be able to prove my experience and knowledge more formally."

Janine Lane, Specialist Nurse Practitioner, MSc Dementia




3. Valuable learning resources

Resources iconAll of your course material is accessible online – but those aren’t the only resources available to you. Our university library has a vast array of eBooks, eJournals, and more to assist you with your projects and research.

If you’d like to improve skills such as writing, referencing, and presenting to better support your assignments, the library’s Skills Team is another valuable aid. You can book appointments with them over telephone, email, or the web to hone your academic and digital capabilities.

You’ll also receive your own Student ID card following enrolment, which provides proof of your status as a student. Use it to access university libraries in your local area, and for a variety of student discounts. 

Benjamin Franklin

"You’re able to interact with your classmates as you would on campus. We’ve established a virtual community."

Benjamin Franklin, Business and Operations Manager, MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

4. Live digital and physical events

Calendar iconAs one of our students, you’ll have the opportunity to attend optional, face-to-face workshops and events, held up to twice a year across Europe.

These can be a fantastic way to meet your tutors and course mates while learning more about your field of study. However, none of these events are connected to any assessments or learning outcomes for your course, so there’s no requirement to attend.

You're always welcome to visit the campus as well, if you're ever in the area. In fact, once your graduation arrives, we'd love to have you join us in Hull to celebrate the big day.

Graduation days 

At the University of Hull Online, we understand the importance of recognition and celebration. Our face-to-face Graduation ceremony is a momentous occasion where you can proudly share your accomplishments with family, friends, and fellow graduates from around the world. It's a time to reflect on your transformative learning experience and the immense personal growth you've achieved.

Learn more about previous ceremonies, as well as up-to-date information on upcoming graduations on our Graduation page.

Keng Pang

"You'll get to know students from different countries and backgrounds. There will always be something interesting to learn from them."

Keng Pang, Senior Supply Chain Consultant, MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

5. Vibrant international community

Community group iconYou’re always connected when you study with the University of Hull Online. Once you start your course, you’ll get to collaborate with students from all corners of the world and gain a rich array of perspectives that will only strengthen your learning.

Alongside the above, you can even become a part of our thriving Students’ Union and join the hundreds of student course reps working to build an empowered student community. Visit the Hull University Union page for more information on how to become a part of the HUU.

Study 100% online

Our virtual learning environment (VLE) is easy to use and can be accessed from wherever you are in the world.  


The University of Hull and its digital courses provider, Hull Online Limited, delivered in partnership with Cambridge Education Group Digital (CEGD), will only use your personal data to contact you in relation to our courses. For further information, please see the privacy policy.