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How has the course helped in your career?

Sonya Hundal, MA Creative Writing student at University of Hull Online

"The course has already created opportunities for me to write and to contribute to a new range of writing projects. I am more confident about my skills as a writer and about exploring new forms of writing."

- Sonya, MA in Creative Writing



Gabor Nagy, MSc People Analytics graduate from the University of Hull

"It has already helped my work. The access to the library is great, and I have a new habit of reading more peer reviewed research, which has helped me to finetune and validate some product development ideas."

- Gabor, MSc in People Analytics



Janine Lane, MSc Dementia graduate from University of Hull

"I wanted to formalise my knowledge to make a difference in the industry. I'm now able to apply my learning to my practice. It gives me the confidence to be vocal and push for change in dementia care."

- Janine, MSc in Dementia



 Nick, MSc in Engineering Management graduate from University of Hull

"It's a worldwide, dedicated course. You come in contact with so many people in many different industries, which opens your network."

- Nick, MSc in Engineering Management


What's it like to study online with us?

Megha Samuel, MSc Dementia graduate from University of Hull

"The course academics and tutors have been fabulous in supporting me, both professionally and on a personal level. They look out for our overall wellbeing. They are approachable and helpful and I think I have enjoyed the course more because of the people."

- Megha, MSc in Dementia



Keng Pang, MSc Logistics Supply Chain Management graduate from University of Hull

"The weekly forum tasks and webinars are an effective way to communicate and share experiences with other students. As an additional support, our class has a WhatsApp group chat where we can catch up with each other."

- Keng, MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management



Keith Young, MSc Engineering Management graduate from University of Hull

"The online platform, Canvas, is really excellent. You can engage with fellow classmates there, as I do often through daily or weekly forum challenges and activities. You get a lot of support from both the tutors through Canvas, webinars and also from classmates"

- Keith, MSc in Engineering Management


Mike McMaster, MA Creative Writing graduate from University of Hull

"A regular pattern of learning, writing and receiving feedback as well as wide ranging and challenging reading really broadened my range."

- Mike McMaster, MA in Creative Writing

Study 100% online

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