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Why study People Analytics over Organisational Psychology? 

5/4/23 10:53 AM

MSc in People Analytics

What does a People Analytics Manager do?

5/4/23 10:48 AM

Learn how to become a successful People Analytics Manager in this blog post. Discover the role and responsibilities of a People Analytics Manager, the required skills, industries where you can work, salary expectations, and how an MSc in People Analytics can help you get into the role.

MSc in People Analytics

AMBA and AACSB accreditation: Why it's important

4/18/23 9:02 AM

Find out more about what choosing to study with a business school accredited by AMBA and AACSB means for you. 

MSc in People Analytics, MSc in Digital Transformation, Global MBA

Top trends in people analytics 

4/4/23 4:33 PM

Insight from employee data – ‘people analytics’ – helps organisations all over the world and across different industries make more informed business decisions based on psychological and statistical expertise.

MSc in People Analytics

What’s it like to study People Analytics online?

1/5/22 9:00 AM

Read our interview with student Gabor to discover what he thinks about the University of Hull's online MSc in People Analytics.

MSc in People Analytics

How R software is used in people analytics

4/6/21 9:00 AM

If you’ve been considering a career in people analytics, you’re probably aware that a considerable part of your role will involve collecting and interpreting data – most likely with a specialised software program.

MSc in People Analytics

People analytics jobs

10/6/20 9:00 AM

People analytics is a fascinating field of study – one that combines the psychological and statistical expertise of practitioners to better understand and support others. 

MSc in People Analytics

What is People Analytics?

6/22/20 11:34 AM

‘People analytics’ is a relatively recent term that has emerged in HR circles. But what exactly is people analytics? Read on to find out.

MSc in People Analytics