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Why study an MBA now?

Learn why now is the perfect time to boost your skills, career, and earnings.


If you want to advance your leadership career, there’s no better way to prepare than by studying an accredited MBA. But when is the right time to begin your learning journey and why should you study our part-time online Global MBA now? 


The popularity of MBAs among ambitious professionals the world over is due to the countless benefits they provide, not least by enabling you to maintain a competitive edge in the job market, achieve a greater salary and attain higher-level management positions.


Since committing to postgraduate study is a major commitment and investment of your time and finances, it is only natural you may be questioning when is the best time for you to enrol on an MBA.


Below, we take a look at some of the things that might influence your decision. 

There’s no time like the present 


As the old English proverb suggests, if something is worth doing, then it’s best to do it now or as soon as possible. The danger in putting things off is that you may never get around to doing it because in life unexpected things do happen.


There’s always something ready to draw your attention and focus away if you allow it. If you find yourself procrastinating, is it because you are over-estimating how hard the combination of studying, working and living your life may be?  


One of the major advantages of our Global MBA is that we offer two years of fully flexible online learning, allowing you to continue to work full-time while you study.

You want more from your career 


Whether you want a new job, are looking to earn a higher salary, gain that much-anticipated promotion, or switch careers altogether, an MBA can help you develop personally and professionally in ways which will help you achieve your goals.


If you’ve been feeling unsatisfied in your current role for some time or feel you’ve hit a career plateau, then now is the time to further your education and your career. 


Our course has been designed by to realise your full potential as a leader, so you can be confident you’ll develop essential transferable skills in leadership, management, finance, analytics and marketing, which can be applied to any industry.

You’ve got the finance covered 


Finance is one of the most common reasons students put off or put their postgraduate studies on hold, according to a 2021 study University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA).


However, choosing to study part-time means you don’t have to take time off work and can therefore continue to earn while you learn, making it a much more affordable prospect.


Since your studies have the potential to bring significant benefits to your employer, you may want to approach them for sponsorship and our course advisers can help you build your business case. 


If you are financing your MBA yourself, you’ll be pleased to learn that here at the University of Hull Online we offer a range of financial support options. This includes the choice to pay your course fees in instalments.


UK postgraduate students living in England can apply for a postgraduate master’s loan, while master’s finance is available for those residing in Wales. For those based in the US, you may be able to apply for a Sallie Mae student loan. 


Ready to develop the expertise and tools needed to be an impactful leader? Discover the Hull Online Global MBA:


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