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MBA careers: Your complete guide

Find out how an MBA can help you upskill and prepare for future challenges. 


The business world is changing at an increasingly fast pace. To put things into perspective, according to Nasdaq research, 95% of purchases will be online by 2040, suggesting accelerated automation and digitalization toward a technologically advanced world.


We are also facing a climate change crisis (IPCC, 2022) with drastic cuts in carbon emissions required and accelerated carbon capture needed to avert an environmental disaster. For organisations, this is a game changer and means adapting and innovating business models quickly to survive and stay ahead of the ever-changing curve.  

Business leaders of the future


Everywhere across the world, business leaders need to upskill and prepare for an ever-changing and turbulent future. Research from the World Economic Forum (WEF) shows that half of all the employees globally need to upskill or reskill by 2025 in order to embrace new responsibilities and career progression.  


A professionally recognised MBA is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the next step in your career, also to enable your organisation to innovate and adapt. The MBA is an extremely versatile qualification that can be used to climb within a company to senior managerial roles, or even to start your own entrepreneurship efforts.   


Wondering if a Global MBA is right for you? Our course advisers can answer any of your questions and how the course could help you achieve your personal and professional goals:



Career prospects


With an MBA your career path widens significantly. You can advance in management positions regardless of which industry you belong to. Below is a list of career options you can proceed to after earning your MBA: 


Management consultant

Someone in this role is focused on assessing situations of crisis in companies and suggesting adequate solutions to mitigate the problem. As a management consultant, you may work independently, within the company or for management consultancy firms that work with various companies.  



An MBA could be a brilliant choice for personal entrepreneurship. You’ll learn everything there is to know about running a business successfully starting with research and planning all the way to marketing and sales.  


Accounts executive/marketing director

Many businesses look to reinvent themselves over the ever-changing industry landscape. Communication and marketing play a savvy role in leading a business to its goal via media campaigns and client management. 


Finance and commercial manager

If solving cashflow problems is your forte, you’ll fit right into this role within an organisation or at a specific financial institution. Budgeting, planning, forecasting and compensating are some of the main decisions a financial manager will be involved in. 


Supply chain leader

Responsible for procuring, producing, moving and delivering a product or service from a supplier to a customer or end-user globally.


They have an important role in integrating the functions and processes of customers, distributors, manufacturers, partners, regulators, sub-suppliers and suppliers within and across companies, cities, towns and countries to form an effective and efficient end-to-end supply chain.


They are effective at working collaboratively with organisations and people and in the use of information and resources. 

Gaining skills and knowledge


Alongside learning essential skills and knowledge in your MBA, you will be taught soft leadership skills and behaviours. You’ll also be a master in understanding numbers, making data-driven decisions to lead in people development and more.  


As a student, you’ll explore how to drive development, critical review and implement operational policies and practices. Guiding business strategy in transformation programmes, diversification, new product developments and customer experience will also be on your to-do list along with learning to interpret complex data and using strategic insight for financial budgets and resource allocation. You’ll transform into a capable individual and create valuable career opportunities with this MBA. 

The University of Hull Online Global MBA 


While there are many great MBA programmes around the world, if you’re specifically looking to earn your MBA while you work, The University of Hull offers a Global MBA that is available both online and part-time.


This two-year programme is an excellent gateway to achieving your career goals as it's recognised worldwide and designed for the professional business leaders of tomorrow. 


The course is created specifically to give working business professionals a well-rounded learning experience in marketing, supply chain management, financial decision making, operations management and people management. It empowers future leaders to tackle societal norms while steering an agile business fit for the future.  


Establish yourself as a business leader of the future with The University of Hull Global MBA programme today by visiting the course details page: 


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