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Why study a Master's in Artificial Intelligence?

Find out how a Master's in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you take advantage of the growing demand for specialists in this field. 

Do you love uncovering the hidden insights offered by company data? Do you find yourself naturally driven to discover new ways of approaching organisational challenges? If so, you already possess the mindset needed to succeed in the world of artificial intelligence (AI)

But what is AI? 


Put simply, AI is a field that focuses on using computer programs to analyse data and mimic the problem-solving capabilities of the human mind. As such, an AI specialist is someone who knows how to wield such technology to help organisations tackle issues and run more effectively. 


If you’ve been considering a career in AI as your next professional move, earning an MSc in Artificial Intelligence is an excellent way to enter the field. Here are 4 reasons to study the subject: 

Supercharge your employability 


A well-designed course in AI can give you a competitive edge in today’s job market. 

For example, our online, part-time MSc in Artificial Intelligence will teach you the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, including key technologies and algorithms for problem-solving.


It will also train you in computer programming, teach you algorithms for problem-solving, and help you understand how to translate your expertise to different situations. 


Interested in whether a master's in AI can help you achieve your career goals? Our friendly and knowledgeable Course Adviser team are here to offer support and advice:



These are all key competencies for succeeding in the field of AI. Developing such a well-rounded skillset will mean that you’ll be able to hit the ground running upon graduating. 


What’s more, your final research / consultancy project can even address a real challenge within your current place of work, which you could then use to advance within the organisation.


For example, you could analyse and build an AI solution for your company while being supervised by a member of the academic team. 


Learn key terms in the artificial intelligence industry:



Develop more transferable skills 


Your degree programme won’t just equip you with subject-specific competencies either. 

If you take on our MSc in Artificial Intelligence, your coursework and assessments will help you hone a number of capabilities that will prove invaluable to any role you apply for. 


Some examples include: 

  • Communication and presenting skills 

  • Research expertise 

  • Self-direction and self-assessment 

  • Teamworking 

Future-proof your career 


AI is one of the disruptive innovations of this century which influences all aspects of industries, for example: 


  • Automobile  - self-driving cars, robotic assistants 
  • Health – automated disease diagnosis devices, and early disease detection systems 
  • Financial services – help to find trends that can’t be easily picked up by conventional reporting methods; and many more real-world applications which can help to reshape the world 


Based on the market research, the current AI Market size is valued at USD 136.6 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 1,811.8 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 38.1% from 2022 to 2030. 


Want to learn more about your options as an Artificial Intelligence graduate? Get in touch with a course adviser for more information:




The demand for AI specialists is growing at an incredible rate in all the domains despite the job vacancies not matching this number because of limited AI graduates in the market – meaning your expertise will make you a sought-after hire for many employers. 


Apart from this, many roles need AI experts with business knowledge and this MSc will definitely cover that aspect as well. The report published by The Wall Street Journal revealed that in the US, AI job postings increased by over 45% at the start of 2021 when compared to the year before. 


Meanwhile, research conducted by Accenture found that while 34% of UK organisations had increased their use of AI technology in 2021, only 27% of leaders felt that their non-technical employees were prepared to leverage them. 

Find success in multiple industries 


In the past, any mention of AI may have caused people to picture space agencies and laboratory robotics. However, today AI is used in all forms of industries around the world. 


This means that you’ll be able to find roles in areas as varied as manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. Alternatively, you could even move between them as you go after fresh opportunities. 


As AI technologies continue to revolutionise how organisations approach their operations, you can look forward to applying your skills in an ever-increasing array of situations and challenges – allowing you to enjoy a truly dynamic, rewarding career. 

Ready to begin your journey towards becoming an AI expert? 


Our online, part-time MSc in Artificial Intelligence will help you get there. Study from anywhere in the world, at the times that suit you best, with expert guidance from our academics and support staff. To learn more, fill out the form at the bottom of this page or visit our course page:



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