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5 social media accounts to follow if you’re interested in dementia care

There are many resources available – both at a local and global level – to learn more about current thinking in the dementia field. These resources provide support and help raise awareness around the condition and its impact on people living with dementia, their families and carers.


Here are 5 social media accounts you can follow if you’re interested in dementia care:


Alzheimer’s Society UK


The largest and most influential dementia charity in the UK, Alzheimer’s Society UK provides information and support to help create lasting change for people affected by dementia.


The only UK charity investing in research into dementia care, cause, cure and prevention, Alzheimer’s Society UK is involved in a variety of campaigns throughout the year to keep dementia a priority on the political agenda, and to raise awareness around the condition. These campaigns aim to create a more dementia-friendly society so people living with dementia can live without fear or prejudice.


Alzheimer’s Society UK also provides 3,000 local support services across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These services provide information, care and support to people living with dementia, their families, friends and carers.


You can follow Alzheimer’s Society UK on:


Dementia Friends


An Alzheimer’s Society UK initiative, Dementia Friends aims to change people’s perceptions of dementia by transforming the way they think, act and talk about the condition.


Dementia Friends helps you learn more about dementia and explore the many ways you can help raise awareness around the condition and support those affected by it.


You can follow Dementia Friends on:


World Dementia Council


Established in 2013 by the G8 at their London summit, the World Dementia Council helps keep dementia on the international agenda through global advocacy, leadership and networks.


The World Dementia Council unites leading experts in dementia from around the world, including researchers, academics, non-government organisations, industry regulators, the public sector and people living with dementia with a shared ambition to find solutions to one of the most urgent global health challenges.


By initiating global action to tackle dementia, the World Dementia Council aims to transform the lives of people affected by dementia.


You can follow the World Dementia Council on:


YoungDementia UK


Over 42,000 people diagnosed with dementia in the UK are aged between 30 and 65.

A dedicated charity for young people with dementia and their families, YoungDementia UK helps those affected by dementia to continue to live their lives as fully as possible, by providing support and information and organising social events. 


YoungDementia UK also hosts a dedicated Young Dementia Network – a community of people living with young onset dementia, their family and friends, and organisations and professionals who work in dementia and social care.


You can follow YoungDementia UK on:


Dementia Alliance International


Established in 2014, Dementia Alliance International (DAI) is a global community of like-minded individuals diagnosed with dementia. The community provides a unified voice of strength, advocacy, and support to promote individual autonomy for people with dementia.


The DAI also provides education and awareness around dementia, with the aim of eliminating stigma and discrimination and improving the quality of life of people living with dementia.


You can follow the DAI on:


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