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MA Creative Writing graduates publish a truly global collection of stories

Graduates from the University of Hull's Online MA in Creative Writing have published an anthology of their stories to celebrate their successful completion of the course. 


Referring to themselves as 'the Covid Cohort' as they were kept apart by the pandemic during their course, MA Creative Writing students have called their collection of creative writing pieces 'Distant Voices'. 


Distant Voices book cover

The voices included are indeed truly global - calling out from France, China, Australia, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Wales and villages, towns and cities across England. 


In the anthology's introduction, Programme Director Christopher Westoby writes:


'The authors in this collection . . . bravely undertook an MA in an online format new to our university. The many virtues of this include finding like-mined writers in any corner of the world. Their writing throughout the past two years has undergone a remarkable development and I am thrilled to see it showcased now.'


Programme Founder Martin Goodman adds:


'These writers come from around the world, with such a range of life experiences that you would not expect to find them in the same room. Yet for years they have shared an intense life together. They have dared to try out new ways of writing, and open themselves to feedback.'


Anthology contributors: Veronique Guiberteau Canfrere, Tim Barlow, Sandra Adams-West, Lali Astraova, Julie Ryan, Damion Spencer, Anna Mirfin, Jo Scard, katie Bennett, Sarah Wilks, Mathew Bridle, Mike McMaster, Zharko Zach Bliznakov, Janie Richardson, Joanna Mansfield, Jessica Kelly, PT Reynolds.


Congratulations to all our MA Creative Writing graduates! We look forward to seeing you at your graduation ceremonies in January. 


You can purchase your copy of the book on Amazon now. 


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