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How a master’s degree can propel high earners forward

Explore the impact of a master’s degree on your career. From staying ahead in your industry to global networking, discover the transformative benefits.


With today’s business landscape presenting such a diverse range of avenues toward success, it can be easy to question the need for pursuing further education. After all, there is a seemingly endless list of millionaires and ultra-successful people who skipped university – and from a personal perspective, high earners are already enjoying the fruits of their labour.


However, there are many reasons to invest in a master’s degree – especially with the rate at which industry landscape is evolving. Read on to find out how this postgraduate qualification can elevate you from high earner to history maker. 

Reasons you should pursue a master’s degree 

To think out of the box and stay ahead of the curve 

Of course, there is always immense value in practical experience – but there’s a lot that only a master’s degree can deliver. With technology, industry, and market trends evolving around us at such a rapid pace, it is more important than ever to recognise that continuous learning is the only way to keep up.


In short, when it comes to developing an awareness of the bigger picture and how it affects what we do, career experience and Financial Times commentaries alone simply won’t cut it anymore. From theoretical knowledge to diverse schools of thought from fellow students and tutors alike, a master’s degree fundamentally transforms your view of the world around you. 

To network with like-minded, ambitious individuals 

As the saying goes, if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. The ultimate way to reach the top of your game in any industry is to surround yourself with its greatest minds – and you can do this online or in-person.


An online master’s degree is the perfect way to achieve this, as you’ll be studying alongside classmates across the globe from different industries, with diverse areas of expertise. Best of all, you never know where these connections may take you!


Whether it’s a lasting friendship, a future collaboration, a potential job opportunity or an adventurous career jump, the people you meet may have a key part in influencing the person you become. 


As a student, you’ll also get the opportunity to attend exclusive virtual and in-person events that tackle the big issues. With inspiring perspectives from thought leaders, pioneers, and key industry voices, you’ll discover that your potential is truly limitless. 

To diversify your skill sets and gain broader insights 

If we reflect on the history of the world’s wealthiest figures, it quickly becomes evident that their path to success has been powered by their education in adjacent (and often seemingly unrelated) subjects.


Let’s take Bernard Arnault, for example – French business magnate and Forbes Richest Person of 2023. While the connection may not be obvious, Arnault’s success will most certainly have been fuelled by the knowledge gained during his study of Mechanical Engineering.


Likewise, Michael Bloomberg’s BSc in Electrical Engineering would play a part in forging his path to CEO of Bloomberg LP.


Carlos Slim Helú, Chairman Emeritus of América Móvil, has explicitly stated that his knowledge of mathematics would later contribute to gaining his edge in business, financial analysis, and decision-making.


Even Steve Jobs, who famously struggled with formal education, openly credited calligraphy classes as a defining source of inspiration. The knowledge he gained during these classes would later shape his typography designs for Macintosh computers. Part of his legacy now includes revolutionising the world of fonts. 


With these examples in mind, imagine the options you can unlock with a master’s degree to complement your professional expertise. For example, an Artificial Intelligence MSc may lead to you spearheading the next big breakthrough in tech, or a Global MBA could give you the business acumen you need to become a pioneering industry leader. 


Flexible online degrees at the University of Hull 


For those who are climbing the ladder of a successful career, pursuing a master’s degree can initially seem like an impossible task. After all, would it not involve uprooting your life, relocating to a university town, and putting all that valuable career progression on hold? With the University of Hull Online? Absolutely not. 


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