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What’s stopping you from doing an online course?

Are you considering doing an online course, but still not quite sure if it’s the right choice for you?


With rapid technological advances and people seeking more flexibility around how, where and when they study, online courses have become increasingly common around the world.


But those who haven’t yet studied an online course often stop to ask themselves questions around whether it's right for them.


Here are the answers to some of those most frequently asked questions:


Are online courses recognised by employers?


Yes. One of the greatest misconceptions around online courses is that they hold less academic weight and credibility than on-campus courses. This is simply not the case.


The reality is that you can choose to study online with a reputable and credible university and access the same level of teaching as you would with their on-campus course.


Once you’ve completed your online course, you’ll also gain exactly the same qualification as a student studying the on-campus version of the course would.


So, as an online course graduate, you’ll have a qualification that’s not only equal in academic weight, but also identical to that of an on-campus graduate. That means your qualification will be recognised by employers just as much as it would be if you had studied your course on-campus.


Are online courses credible?


Online courses are equally as credible as their on-campus versions.


Think of it this way – the main difference between an on-campus version and an online version of the same course is not what you learn, but how you learn.


The modules you’ll cover and the learning outcomes you’ll achieve – whether you do an online or on-campus version of a course – will be the same. So will the core competencies you’ll need to successfully demonstrate to complete the course and get your qualification.


So the credibility of a course you’re looking to study doesn’t lie with the format of the course – whether it’s online or on-campus – but with the university you choose to study the course with.


When you study with a university that has a strong reputation for academic excellence, you can be confident that once you’ve completed your online course, you’ll receive a qualification that will not only be recognised, but also highly-valued by any future employers.


Do employers take online courses seriously?


Yes – again, just as much as on-campus courses.


The fact remains that the qualification you’ll be awarded once you complete an online course will be exactly the same qualification you’d receive if you had studied the same course on-campus.


But, what’s more, is that since online courses demand high levels of self-discipline, self-motivation, organisational and time-management skills, graduates who have successfully completed an online course can be even more attractive to prospective employers.


Why? Because all these skills are skills which are highly sought-after and valued by employers across a range of industries.


So, successfully completing an online course will not only demonstrate to a future employer that you have the required qualifications for the job, but also that you’re well-equipped with the valuable skills you need to ensure success in your potential new role.


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