Read the transcript from Mike McMaster's (MA Creative Writing graduate) interview.

"So, hi, I'm Mike McMaster, and I've just finished the Hull university, MA in creative writing. I've been playing around with writing a little story here or there, and did a couple of writing competitions very badly, but enjoyed the experience and thought, I want to get better at this. And this looked like a great way to do that. I looked at quite a lot of different online options with different organizations and universities. One of the things that really appealed about Hull was there was a strong focus on the materials I was reading about working with other students and forming groups of students and giving each other feedback and support. And that really appealed to me. I like the range of modules and going into the course the module is most worried about ended up being probably my favorite, which was the non-fiction. I write fiction short stories. I probably learned the most by getting right out of my comfort zone and writing nonfiction."