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Hear from current students, Amadeo Vella and Amelia Dickson, as well as Global MBA Programme Director Dr Geetha Karunanayake as they answer common questions about studying with Hull Online.


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[MUSIC PLAYING] - Basically, first of all, we have to acknowledge the fact that since the course is online, and that gives us more let's say leeway on how we can let's say schedule our activities. That is something that I like when starting an online course.

Another important aspect that I see is that when you join the course, you get to form part of a multicultural multinational team with different backgrounds. So that helps you engage more and critically reflect and critically think on the input of other students.

And for example, in my case, I come from the multi-public sector, but my cohorts, my students from my cohort come from different backgrounds. There's the oil and gas industry, the manufacturing industry, software development. So you like to get for-- to be part of this let's say multicultural, multinational team, which helps you out in the studies.

- For me personally, I'm registered disabled. So my only access really to part-time or full-time education would be via virtual access. This is-- being with Hull has actually given me that opportunity to study part-time as well as living life to the full as full as I can do.

And also having ongoing projects with my writing and my art outside of my studies. So yeah, I found it a very good accessible course, especially for somebody who has disability needs, which I think is really important to feel included within the academic sector.

- Yeah, so what we are offering this MBA is a new MBA for a new world. So you are taking it. So this is something you should be very excited about. And again, we will take you a transformational leadership journey. So be prepared to be stretched, challenged to accelerate your self-awareness.

So our MBA course, not just on the development of knowledge and skills, but we will be thinking about developing the soft leadership behavior and psychology as well. So throughout you will have to have self-reflection, understanding your self, understanding your interactions and your leadership role in your organization is interesting.

So this is essential in taking a transformational leadership journey to realize your full potential through reflection. So that is I believe it is quite exciting. And we have very good-- very qualified research-led staff members who deliver the modules. And we will take you a very fascinating journey through all.

- If I had to compare myself two years ago and to today, I see let's say a significant difference-- a significant difference, not only from the professional perspective because of course I have enhanced my project management skills when it comes to scheduling, for example, my business planning skills, managerial leadership skills.

I know how to let's say interact more with my team now. But apart from that, from a personal level, I felt that now today I'm a better person. For example, one practical example where I use the course to my advantage was that in this particular module, it was the financial module.

And one of the topics was negotiation skills. And a year ago-- was around a year ago, I had this opportunity to buy this property. And I literally use the skills that I required from the negotiation skills module in order to let's say get a better deal. And it works. So yes, the course has helped me from a professional perspective, but also from a personal perspective as well.

- Yes, as a writer, your work in your life become one because obviously as a writer, you look for inspiration every day. So that's from whether that's sitting in a cafe, listening to-- earwig in conversations or things that you see when you're out and about. So my professional life as a writer and my personal life are very intertwined. But one thing I would say is that even from only being in module 2 from my first year.

So I'm very new to the course. I can already see an impact on my writing for a positive impact where my voice is developing as a writer, and certain things such as punctuation and grammar, et cetera are actually strengthening. So it's been a very positive experience. And for somebody who writes every day, that's been a wonderful thing really.

- But like I just said, never give up, support each other, and you will be successful. So you have to engage, of course, you have to manage your time effectively, and we have to respect each other because you're part of a multicultural-multinational team group, I might say, which after a couple of weeks becomes your family, as well your second family. So yes, try to engage and encourage each other. And fortunately, be successful


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