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Connect with the leaders who have shaped industries, disrupted norms, and achieved remarkable success. Handpicked for their expertise in business, innovation, and leadership, our Global Online MBA guest speakers bring an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience, shedding light on the realities of their industry, and sharing their stories and guidance. This is your chance to gain perspectives straight from the C-suite. 


What are the advantages of hearing from guest speakers? 

Hearing from our guests will enrich your  learning journey and even shape your future success. Here are five of the biggest benefits: 

Real-world wisdom Grey

Bridge the gap between the boardroom and the virtual classroom and tap into first-hand insights. These professionals have walked the walk, faced challenges, and tasted success in the real business world. Their practical advice will help you tackle whatever comes your way with confidence. 

Cutting-edge expertise Grey

Stay at the forefront of industry trends, strategies, and technological innovations with insider knowledge straight from the frontlines. Discover the freshest ideas and proven techniques to keep you ahead of the game. 

Careers guidance Grey

Get invaluable career insights as our speakers share their personal paths to success and offer guidance for thriving on your own professional journey. Whether you're exploring your options or know exactly where you want to be, their advice will help you make informed decisions and navigate your future.  

Motivation Grey

Success often stems from perseverance and resilience. As our speakers share their triumphs and setbacks, you’ll be inspired to take action and pursue your own ambitions. 

Networking opportunities Grey

Connect with the best in business and expand your professional circle. Join meaningful conversations and make professional contacts that have the power to shape your future success.  

Catherine Nunn

Meet a guest speaker: Catherine Nunn

Former CEO and Deputy Chairman of Lakeland, and Keynote Speaker for Leadership Catalyst.

Renowned for her senior leadership expertise in UK and international retail, strategic partnerships, and omni-channel operations, Catherine has made a lasting impact on the corporate landscape. Her accomplishments speak volumes, but hearing her story and insights first-hand is some of the most compelling inspiration you’ll get.

Is an MBA worth the time and investment?

Catherine Nunn discusses the power of an MBA to transform careers, and explains why two of the Global Online MBA’s key areas – sustainability and Industry 4.0 – are crucial.

Is an MBA worth the time and investment?

Catherine Nunn discusses the power of an MBA to transform careers, and explains why two of the Global Online MBA’s key areas – sustainability and Industry 4.0 – are crucial.

So my name is Catherine Nunn.

I work for Lakeland. My role there now is Deputy Chairman. And we sell the most amazing, creative, innovative kitchen and homework products, things that you absolutely need in your kitchen and your home, but you didn't know you needed them. For me, the decision to do my MBA was hugely important in getting me to where I have got to today.

My sense through my career and having observed people come into the organisation with an MBA is the confidence it breeds. The business leader today, there are two themes in particular where Hull has great expertise which have been embedded within the MBA.

And those two areas are around sustainability and around digital.

Those are the two areas where we really struggle with our existing workforce, existing colleagues, everything is about data now, everything is data driven, and even relatively small businesses, you know, they need those data skills, they need those digital skills. So I was delighted to see the focus in the in the MBA program on digital because that's absolutely what we need and we don't have enough of. And that's not just my business. That's every business.

If I was asking myself the question thirty years ago, should I should I not do an MBA? Is it worth the time? Is it worth the investment? Is it worth the the the hassle and the work and the and the extra load, I would say absolutely do it.

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