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LinkedIn groups for leaders and innovators

If you’re thinking about or already studying the Hull Online Global MBA, there’s a good chance you’re interested in becoming a future business leader. 


While studying is one way to keep up-to-date with the latest leadership trends, LinkedIn provides endless opportunities to expand your network and engage in current discussions with experts, peers, potential employers and customers.  


There are thousands of networking groups on LinkedIn covering all manner of business and leadership activities, the trick is finding the groups most relevant to your interests, ambitions and needs.


To get you started, here are some of the most popular LinkedIn groups for leaders, innovators, start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

Start-up Specialists Network

One of the largest moderated communities among all LinkedIn groups for start-ups, investors, aspiring entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and more. 

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading - Unofficial 

A group for people that are fans of TED to discuss all things TED and other ideas worth spreading. 

Future Trends 

This group is a place for future-forward market research and insights professionals to explore the latest emerging consumer trends and their impact on their industries and brands. 

Leadership Think Tank 

A global community connecting accomplished executives and entrepreneurs with aspiring business leaders. 

Business Development - The Missing Link between Marketing & Sales 

A group to discuss how business development can boost communication, PR, sales and marketing. 

Leadership Challenges & Solutions 

A group for professionals to discuss and solve leadership-related challenges.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainable Development (Sustainability) 

A group for professionals passionate about CSR and Sustainability. 

The Leadership Development Group 

A professional learning community for individuals and organisations committed to helping leadership practitioners to shape organisational culture, stretch leadership capacity and accelerate the leadership development of those who follow. 

GENCFO | World's #1 Finance Leadership Community 

This group is for current and future accounting and finance leaders, including CFOs, Finance Directors, Finance Leadership team members and aspiring accounting or finance leaders. 

Transformational Leadership: Front Runners in Organizations

A group for executives who want to be transformational leaders, i.e., front runners, in their companies.   

Leadership & Leadership Development 

A Community of Practice for leaders and leadership development professionals who want to get the most from their team members in the “new world of work.”  

MBA Highway / MBA Job Search + Career Network 

A job search and career advancement networking group on LinkedIn exclusively for MBA business school students, MBA professionals, and employers, recruiters and HR and talent professionals seeking MBA-calibre job candidates. 

Impact Entrepreneur

This group describes itself as the premier global network for systems-minded entrepreneurs, investors, scholars and students of social and environmental innovation.  

Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs

Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs offers a networking community for all types of entrepreneurs, small business owners, start-ups, angel investors, venture capitalists and other like minded individuals to join, share ideas, and connect.

Executive Leadership Think Tank

By tapping into the knowledge of your peers you will grow personally and professionally. The strength of this executive sales manager community is your willingness to help others by sharing your experiences and challenging the group by asking thought provoking questions. 

IBM Institute for Business Value 

The IBM Institute for Business Value surveys executives and experts around the world to discover emerging trends, business innovations and success patterns. They are ranked among the best business thought leadership providers in the world. 

Enterprise Europe Network 

This group is a place to share ideas, insights, events and opportunities that can help small businesses innovate and grow internationally.   

Women Business Owners & Female Entrepreneurs 

Women's Business Mentor Roberta Jerram's group is for women business owners, female entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs and micro businesses.  


Rethink conventional approaches to business with the Hull Online Global MBA. Start in January, May or September: 


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