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Why your employer should sponsor your MSc in Digital Transformation

Planning to ask for sponsorship for your MSc in Digital Transformation? Find out the benefits to your employer that this course can offer. 


If one of your reasons for earning an MSc in Digital Transformation is to enhance your current place of work, requesting a study sponsorship from your organisation certainly makes sense.


Our blog post ‘How to effectively pitch a study sponsorship to your employer’ outlines the best ways to go about this – with the first step being the creation of a business proposal.


A strong proposal is crucial when approaching your employer. You will need to outline the most compelling reasons why a sponsorship would benefit the organisation.


Here are five key advantages that the course can offer:

1. A subject matter expert


As you develop the specialist knowledge and skills need to harness digital technology and reflect on its management challenges, your company will gain a valuable perspective on how technology can be managed at the senior and C-suite level. This will also give you the opportunity to gain in seniority in your organisation and support your organisation in its future challenges.


For example, upon completion of our ‘Digital Strategy & Innovation’ module, you’ll understand how to identify challenges in implementation and design digital strategies so that they are accepted and adopted within the organisation. You will also learn how to steer the organisation in developing an innovation culture that will embrace technological changes.

2. Increased organisational protection


In addition to improving the efficiency of your workplace, it’s worth noting that your studies will help protect your company against threats as well. Cybersecurity has an increasingly large role to play in companies across all sectors, as businesses grow increasingly reliant on technology.


While these challenges are being handled at a technical level, there are serious management challenges that remain in the context of cyber-security (e.g. managing cyber-awareness for the organisation). Your company can benefit from your ability to manage information security. 


Overall, by learning about the organisational challenges faced in today’s digital economy, you’ll be better equipped to safeguard your company’s digital assets and continued success. You'll  contribute to your organisation by providing meaningful reflections, actions, decisions, and feedback in initiatives that might affect it adversely.

3. An international network of talent


With a network of over 85,000 alumni, you’ll have connections to graduates from all corners of the world, working in a number of different industries.


Of course, by extension, your company will have access to these professionals as well. This could provide more contacts, and thereby opportunities, for projects that the business may explore in the future.

4. No distraction from work responsibilities


As a part-time course that is conducted entirely online, our MSc in Digital Transformation is specifically built for working professionals.


Thanks to the flexibility of the programme, you’ll be able to earn your degree in two years without needing to take a break from your career or sacrifice any commitments you’ve made to your workplace.

5. A near-instant return on investment


Ultimately, the real-world focus of our MSc in Digital Transformation means your employer will receive a rapid return on investment with a study sponsorship.


With the course’s focus on contemporary information systems management challenges, you’ll understand how to put your learnings into actual practice. Plus, given that you’ll be able to work alongside your studies, your workplace will very quickly feel the benefit of your development as the course progresses.


Our part-time, online MSc in Digital Transformation will help you harness technological potential for your organisation. You can start studying in February, May or September:


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