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Rameez Kureshi: My name is Rameez Kureshi. I am a lecturer and a programme director of MSc in A.I at Hull Online.

This programme is aimed at anyone who wants to reskill their A.I expertise or already working in the A.I domain. With this module, they can get much more knowledge and they will enhance their skills.

Our MSc A.I online course stands out in two ways. First one is we have designed the content of the course to fulfill the requirement of industries with the advanced technical skills such as machine learning, deep learning, advanced AI techniques, some of the data science concepts as well as statistical skills.

Second, we have designed the course in terms of the handling, the issues, real time issues, and also with the help of AI application, which mainly focuses on ethical and reliability explainability and also it can handle the legal issues.

On this course. They learn so many things, especially in the domain of A.I. Also, they can use their whatever they're learning from this course. They can use this expertise to handle the real world problems in various domains such as health care, automobiles or any of the sectors. Also, if they are working in industry, they can use this course knowledge in to handle the real world problems.

The students can learn and expand their horizons and A.I skills according to their convenience. So they can fulfill their commitments while they are learning from our online courses. The UK government issued the report 2020 and it said that there are 50% job vacancies empty which required the A.I skill sets. With this course, we try to fill that gap with the Hull online platform. You can be an expert and it will be much easier to compete with your competitors in a job market. So the modules we have designed are future proof, covering more advanced skills and easy to learn with our virtual and virtual environment.

Learning online. That doesn't mean you are alone. You have we have a very large community. So a large community of the students, actually. So you can engage with them and you can build your own community with the help of Hull online platform.