Why this Online MA in Education?

No matter what kind of position in education you hold, we believe you have an important role to play in shaping the world we live in. By participating in this MA, you’ll learn how to view your work from a truly global perspective, and how to harness the right tools and theories for you to excel in your practice.

This programme will help you navigate the ever-evolving demands faced by educators across geographies and sectors. You’ll learn how to transfer your learnings to the context of your own workplace, and develop an approach suited to those specific needs.

Plus, due to the flexible nature of the MA, you’ll have the freedom to study remotely and at the times most convenient to you. Earn your degree without having to sacrifice your professional or personal commitments.

By studying this course, you’ll be able to

  • Communicate the significance of education within a complex system of histories, politics, geographies, economies, and potential futures

  • Harness the power that education has to support social justice, sustainable development, and lifelong learning

  • Implement and adapt a thorough, analytical approach to being an educator in your specific context, informed from a global education mindset

  • Master the opportunities presented within an ever-changing landscape of educational technologies and evolving learning spaces

  • Understand the interdependent, cyclical nature of education and research as a social process, where translational research exists at the heart of best practice

If you would like to learn more about the course, please fill out the enquiry form and a member of our course adviser team will get in touch.

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