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Top engineering conferences you should attend in 2020

1/15/20 9:00 AM

If you’re interested in engineering, conferences provide an excellent opportunity to keep your knowledge up-to-date as industry technologies and trends continue to evolve. They’re also a great way to meet industry professionals from around the world, helping you to grow your knowledge, professional network and career opportunities.

engineering management, engineering management skills

Top 5 skills you’ll gain from an MSc in Engineering Management

9/18/19 10:00 AM

Are you considering pursuing a career in engineering management? While having the technical skills you need to succeed is important, you’ll also need to master some crucial non-technical skills.

engineering management, engineering management skills

5 essential skills for an engineering manager

6/12/19 10:19 AM

Engineers are hired for their technical skills but taking the next career step to management requires a more comprehensive skillset; as an engineering manager you’ll need to speak a common language that both engineers and clients understand and act as a bridge between numerous organisational departments.

engineering management, engineering management skills